Thursday, August 20, 2015

Improvements in the Communications Program!

Over the summer there were many improvements to the Communication Program's second floor classrooms, labs and other facilities in the old Crawford Engineering Building. Plus, a new staff member has been added to assist in all areas of students services and faculty support.

A major upgrade is in the three main classrooms, rooms 203, 205 and 208. New StarBoard systems have been added.

New Starboard screen in Room 205
The StarBoard systems, which includes a Sony projector and a large Hitachi smartboard screen, allow for faster Internet access and various interactive teaching tools.

The small projectors faculty would have to take and set up for each class can now stay in the closet where they belong!

Communications faculty are thankful to the university's Title III program for helping fund the technology improvements. Troxell communications and Morell's Audio Visual Service Company provided the equipment and installation, respectively.

The program is also in the process of acquiring new and additional broadcasting equipment and computer software to ensure that students continue to be hands-on with the best possible professional-grade cameras and content creation programs.

Professor Robert Pyle teaches in Room 203

Classroom 203 also has a new look thanks to improved desks and chairs attained from elsewhere on campus. Special thanks to Title III's Gloria Pyles and Mitch Chapman for helping make this happen, and to staffers in the university's IT office for help with the move, as well as a crew from the Facilities Management office.

Room 201 D

Room 201 D, next to the TV studio, is the beneficiary of several news computers. Plans are in the works to turn this space into a multi-media newsroom. As that progresses, the room is available to students to work, meet and socialize before, between and after classes.

The room will be open weekdays from 9-5. Students can ask faculty or staff to open the room should it be locked.

No place for dummies! TV studio in Room 201

The program's well-equipped television studio is ready for class and other student activities this school year.

The facility features two sets, three studio cameras, and an array of lights and micrphones.

In the adjacent control room is a state-of-the-art Newtek Tricaster system, which enables sophisticated productions using virtual sets.

Andrea S. Milford-Williams

Last, but hardly least, is the finest new addition to S.C. State's Communications Program this summer: Ms. Andrea S. Milford-Williams, who started work this summer as the program assistant.

A veteran of the school's university relations office and a SCSU alumna (Class of '96, Professional English), she brings a wealth of experience and positive, helpful personality to the office. Plus, her daughter, Abrianna, is now a freshman Bulldog!

Ms. Milford-Williams' office is located in Room 207.

Summer finds in the old Crawford Engineering

If only the walls could speak! The former Crawford Engineering building, constructed in the 1930s, is proving to be a place of hidden treasures.

Among items found this summer in Crawford's many nooks and crannies, closets and storage areas has been a 1964 Newsweek magazine with Robert F. Kennedy on the cover.

Also discovered, a big shiny stainless steel serving platter, which Patrick Harwood took home and with a little elbow grease cleaned up and made available for program functions, when needed.

For more information on S.C. State's Communications Program visited the second floor of Crawford or call 803.536.7039.

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