Monday, April 18, 2016

Bulldog Scavenger Hunt by Kizoa!

The students and I had a lot of fun in the Fall 2014 semester Electronic Media Production II class creating slideshows using the fun Kizoa platform. The task was to go around campus and photograph as many SC State Bulldogs as possible- they are everywhere on campus!

Then put the photos together into a slideshow using Kizoa. Add some transitions, titles, animations, music and other effects and you can produce something very unique, flashy and creative.

Bulldogs on Campus - Kizoa Video Editor - Movie Maker

Kizoa is a free program that is every user friendly. Check it out! 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"Buzzer Beater" Sports Talk Program

Javonte Neal and Devante Williams continued their sports talk collaboration from last semester with a new segment recorded today in the Communications Program's television studio.

"Buzzer Beater" is the show's name. Check it out!
Andrea Butler did a great job in the control room directing and operating the NewTek Tricaster "studio in a box" system. Jasmine Robbins kept things tight in the studio as associate director. Kedrick Paisley, Kendra Pigler and Stephanie Lampkin were on the three studio cameras. 

Friday, April 1, 2016

"Quick Takes" Video Project

Everyone gets to be a commentator with this assignment I give my television production students. The task is to find three video clips- shoot them yourself and "rip" something from YouTube ( is a great site for doing this). Select things you are interested in talking about.

Then use Apple iMovie's picture-in-picture tool, insert your commentary over the clips. The Mac computers make the process easier by having a built in camera. Activate that, speak your mind, and the on camera segment goes directly into your iMovie editing project.

New "Green Screen" Creations

In some of my classes we take advantage of the communication program's green-walled television studio to do some projects using chromakey. This technique allows for two images or video clips to be blended together. Television weather reports with fancy maps, charts and graphics and a meteorologist appear on screen is a way all of us have seen "green screen" in action.

SC State communications major Kendra Pigler is savvy to working the green screen to create pictorial magic. She produced this campaign flyer a couple years ago using the TV studio green wall for her image then blending it with the background shot and adding text. Nice work Kendra!