Friday, April 1, 2016

New "Green Screen" Creations

In some of my classes we take advantage of the communication program's green-walled television studio to do some projects using chromakey. This technique allows for two images or video clips to be blended together. Television weather reports with fancy maps, charts and graphics and a meteorologist appear on screen is a way all of us have seen "green screen" in action.

SC State communications major Kendra Pigler is savvy to working the green screen to create pictorial magic. She produced this campaign flyer a couple years ago using the TV studio green wall for her image then blending it with the background shot and adding text. Nice work Kendra!

The reason our TV studio walls are green allows "virtual sets" to be created by way of the Tricaster unit in the adjacent control room.

Here are a couple examples of green screen creations I produced recently. The first step is to decide what the background will be. Then take a photo of yourself. Be sure the background is filled with green. Be about three feet or more from the green screen. Don't be too close because that can be a problem.

Select the background image (still shot or video)
Take your photo against the green screen

Using iMovie green screen tool, blend the two images. See the link below for more directions. 
Along with green screen, iMovie enables split screen (or side by side) and picture in picture 

I've written two books about Charleston's beautiful and historic Magnolia Cemetery.

It's fun and interesting to create things this way. In one class, my students are doing a green screen project called "Where I Want To Be!"  I look forward to seeing what they do with this challenge!  

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