Friday, March 25, 2016

Lighting Sets the Mood!

In my television production class we continue to work with lighting and how it can be used to look proper and professional but also to set tone and mood.

The exercise here is to demonstrate three common lighting applications used by photographers, videographers and cinematographers alike.

SC State student Kendra Pigler was kind enough to serve as my model.

First we have an example of 90 degree or Split Lighting.

The main or key light is placed at eye level and 90 degrees to the side of Kendra.

It's a rather severe look with dramatic implications, depending on the context of the image's use or setting.

Rembrandt or 45 degree Lighting. I really like the look of this image.

The key light is set high at a downward angle at a 45 degree angle from Kendra.

A fill light is set back and to the left.

A back light is at about a 45 degree angle behind Kendra on her right side.

I like how her right checkbone, eye and eyebrow are highlighted.

Lastly, a smart phone flashlight app is used to show a surprised or fearful Kendra.

No other lights are used, just the phone flashlight pointed up at Kendra.

These three images were taken with my iPhone 5. I was only about 18 inches from her face when snapping this images.

Obviously, professional cameras would be used for more advanced projects, but for the students to see and produce their own lighting variety pack, a smart phone proved sufficient.

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