Thursday, January 29, 2015

EMP II Class Blog List

Student Blog List
Electronic Media Production II
BC 203-01
Spring 2015
Crawford 205

Raven Barker               Words With West          
Cailyn Barnes               School Daze                  
Noah Bell                     Noahsnotes                   
Destinee Chambliss       your favorite, xoxo        
Tyberius Cravens          The Cravens Chronicle 
Sharah Drakeford         Bucket List Thoughts    
Deandrya Gadsden       Daze With Drya           
Patrick Kirksey             Ballin’ With Patrick     
Wesley Lemon              Shaad Yappin            
Perrion Manns               PBody’s Blogs           
Constance Maybin         FrFr                           
Tantalis Newby         Restricted Air Space       
Tre’Sean Paige           trepaigeentertainment    
Aumari Peters           Area Code Live World Wide
Kendra Pigler            From a Girl’s World        
Ashley Simmons        What’s Going On Ashley  
Shandice Sluch          The S Spiel                      
Shay Stiney                Shay’s Scoop                  
Jalen White               Bloody.Jay’ with the say   
Ciara Williams          Making Sense With Ciara

Thursday, January 22, 2015

First Blog Post! Due Tuesday, Jan. 27

  • Homework for Tuesday, Jan. 27: Write a blog post based on the questions raised in the Sept. 22, 2014 Time magazine cover story, "Never Offline" about the new Apple Watch. A second article is also posted on our class Pinterest board about the Apple Watch.
  • In your blog post, address these issues:
    • Is the Apple Watch and all that it can allow you to do and monitor something you can see yourself getting? Why or why not? 
    • What do the writers say are the benefits/plusses of this new "wearable tech" 
    • And what do they see as potential negatives? 
    • Sum up your feelings about having such a device as this or similar ones become part of our lives in the years and decades ahead
    • Include a few images of the watches (add captions) in your post and at least two links to related articles
    • Post should be at least 250-300 words. Carefully proofread so that there are no typos, spelling or grammar errors
      "Early 2015" is the vague release date of the Apple Watch