Thursday, January 22, 2015

First Blog Post! Due Tuesday, Jan. 27

  • Homework for Tuesday, Jan. 27: Write a blog post based on the questions raised in the Sept. 22, 2014 Time magazine cover story, "Never Offline" about the new Apple Watch. A second article is also posted on our class Pinterest board about the Apple Watch.
  • In your blog post, address these issues:
    • Is the Apple Watch and all that it can allow you to do and monitor something you can see yourself getting? Why or why not? 
    • What do the writers say are the benefits/plusses of this new "wearable tech" 
    • And what do they see as potential negatives? 
    • Sum up your feelings about having such a device as this or similar ones become part of our lives in the years and decades ahead
    • Include a few images of the watches (add captions) in your post and at least two links to related articles
    • Post should be at least 250-300 words. Carefully proofread so that there are no typos, spelling or grammar errors
      "Early 2015" is the vague release date of the Apple Watch

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