Monday, November 17, 2014

Electronic Media Production II Final Project: James Brown Music Video

Electronic Media Production II
BC 203-01
Fall 2014
Final Exam Project 
Final Exam Date/Time:  Wednesday, Dec. 3, noon (lab)
This videos must be completed and properly posted on your blog by our exam date and time! 

Produce a 90 second-to-two minute music video about the James Brown exhibit, which is at S.C. State’s I.P. Stanback Museum and Planetetarium Oct. 31-July 2015.  Video’s Requirements:
  • Ø  Produce the piece from video clips (not still shots) you yourself take on your camera, smart phone, whatever quality camera you can use
  • Ø  Use on-screen text to help tell the story

  • Ø  You don’t have to have voice-over parts (you speaking) but can if you like
  • Ø  Background music is required and it must be James Brown music
  • Ø  Our lab is equipped with computers that have Windows Movie Maker (Dells) and iMovie and Final Cut Pro (Macs)
  • Ø  Shoot your video in a professional manner, meaning the shots must be steady and in focus. Do not have overly long shots- keep each shot to three or four seconds
  • Ø  Think about shooting and editing in sequences- wide-to-medium-to close-up shots
  • Ø  Use your video editing programs transition features and special effects to help enhance the quality (but be careful to not use effects that don’t look good, or move along the video)
  • Ø  The official name of the exhibit is “The Influence of James Brown: His Imprint on Music, Dance, Style and Politics”
  • Ø  Be sure to include basic information such as when the museum is open, what the cost is to see the exhibit (if any), and how people can get more information about it (phone number, website, etc.)
  • Ø  The purpose of this video is to promote the exhibit, to make people want to come see it, so make sure your production captures the flavor, color, diversity, and overall excitement of James Brown and this collection of his belongings and remembrance material
  • Ø  Also important is the writing you have on your blog to set up the video. Have at least 50-100 words to introduce the exhibit and video you will post
  • Ø  After the video, have another 50-100 words or more to share additional important information
  • Ø  Have at least two links to related information about James Brown and this exhibition at S.C. State
  • Final Video Project and Other Assignment Values:  This video is worth 30 of 100 points on your final exam grade. Other posts since midterm are each worth 15 points: Photo Processing Before & After (Oct. 22); Kizoa Bulldog Challenge Slideshow (Nov. 17); and James Brown Two Vine Videos (Nov. 17). The remaining 25 points will come from the overall look of your blog. Make sure you have all of the social media links, About Me, Follow By Email, and other elements that were required as part of the midterm exam. 

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