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"Understanding Movies" Final Exam Study Guide

Final Exam Study Guide
Understanding Movies (BC 351)
Fall 2014 Turner A Room 263
Exam Date: Friday, Dec. 5, 2 p.m.

This test will cover material since the midterm exam in October. The final exam will not be cumulative. Questions will come from material posted on the class Pinterest board ( and from the links given below (many of which are the same ones on the Pinterest board).

The test will consist of true/false questions, multiple choice questions, lists, and short answers. Be prepared to answer questions based on this material, again from the class Pinterest board:

  1. ü  11 Strange Movie Job Titles Explained (know what each of these positions is about)
  2. ü  9 Obscure Film Positions Defined (know what each of these positions is about)
  3. ü  How Movie Sounds Effects are Made (YouTube) (have understanding of “foleys” role)
  4. ü  Top 10 Memorable Movie Sound Effects (YouTube)
  5. ü  Spike Lee’s Film Career (YouTube) – Lee’s real name? Be able to write about his origin in film, influences, and be able to list three-to-five movies he has made
  6. ü  Read Jim Emerson’s analysis of “No Country For Old Men” – Be able to write about the film’s main themes, main characters, who directed it, and the origins and meaning of the unusual film title. Know also that “No Country” was nominated for eight Oscars (Academy Awards) in 2007 and won four: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Adapted Screenplay
  7. ü  Also review Marcus Halberstram’s video review of “No Country for Old Men”
  8. ü  Blaxploitation Films: Be able to trace the origins, influences, and impact of this unique genre of early-to-mid 1970s movies. Review this Wikipedia entry on Blaxploitation films
  9. ü  Also review this concise summary of Blaxploitation films (from eHow)
  10. ü  And review my PowerPoint on Blaxploitation films
  11. ü  Be able to list five titles from this list of The 50 Best Blaxploitation Movies
  12. ü   Be able to list several of the (today) famous stars who appeared in Blaxploitation films
  13. ü  Know who Melvin Van Peebles was (and is) and what he contributed to Blaxploitation films
  14. ü  What does the term “Grindhouse” have to do with Blaxploitation and other “exploitive” film genres?
  15. ü  Who was Roger Corman and what role did he have early in Pam Grier’s acting career?
  16. ü  Review this article also about Roger Corman and Pam Grier
  17. ü  Become more familiar with Pam Grier’s career path and be able to list several of her film credits as listed on her IMDb page
  18. ü  We watched 1973’s “Scream Blacula Scream” in class- be able to name some of the horror film’s stars AND what score and comments it has on the Rotten Tomatoes site
  19. ü  Be able to list some of the stars and director of “Jackie Brown” which we watched in class, and be able to summarize the plot and its link and/or ties or homage to the Blaxploitation era
  20. ü  In her “Strombo” Canadian TV interview, what did Pam Grier say about Blaxploitation movies, in which she was one of the biggest stars?

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