Friday, April 28, 2017

Advanced Television Production/Editing Students Take to the Studio!

Below are links to three studio productions my SC State communications students did in our Advanced Television and Production course.

Starting off, Stephen Mason and Marshall Padgett examine the ongoing NBA playoffs in this broadcast recorded in SC State's television studio on April 27, 2017. Alliyah Charles did a great job on the Tricaster, directing the show with assistance from classmate Shay Bowman.

 Marshall Padgett and Stephen Mason on set. The TV magic happens in the control via the
NewTek Tricaster "studio in a box" system.  

Using the Tricaster to create virtual sets is an important learning experience for students at SC State such as Alliyah Charles (right) and Shay Bowman.
The end result is a professional looking backdrop, graphics and overall quality for our productions!

Next, Bridgette Fredrick interviews the newly elected/crowned Mr. South Carolina State University Joshua Tribble, who is a communications major (as is Bridgette) and ROTC member.

In interviews like this, the setting looks rather plain, wouldn't you say?  

But here in the control room is where the magic happens with the Tricaster system and the skills of Shay Bowman at the controls! Maurice Taylor assisted Shay by communicating her instructions to the folks in the studio.  

In the studio, Naheka Sumpter and Wymark Barton operated the cameras and cued the on-air duo.

Naheka views the studio monitor during the "live on tape" recording. 

A third team chose to speak about a popular subject for all of us: love! Here are Shaliyah North and Daniel Bradley.  

Maurice Taylor ably ran the board for this segment. Shay Bowman assisted. 

The green walls are the key to being able to do these virtual sets. 
It was fun doing these studio productions. Fun too to do them on the last day of Spring semester classes!  On set, below, are Shaliyah North and Daniel Bradley. Wymark Barton is on studio camera. 

Last but not least, this is a commentary video by communications student Robbie Stephenson that covers several areas. 

Isaiah Hughes did a great job directing this project and running the Tricaster during the recording session. Zhanamiek Whaley ran the teleprompter and Jalen Ryant was floor director. 
Great job all teams!  

Isaiah and the team did some post-production on this interview, adding still shots and video clips.  

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