Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What's the Word? Topic: MEAC Men's Basketball Tournament

In speaking about the fun social media application Vine in class yesterday, I demonstrated how quick and easy it is to post a six second video. My Electronic Media Production II class includes several students involved in the recent Mid Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) men's basketball tournament in Norfolk, Va.

The South Carolina State University Bulldogs won one game in the tourney before falling in the next round. Player Patrick Kirksey and cheerleaders Destinee Chambliss and Kendra Piglar gave quick responses to the question about the best thing about the tournament in Norfolk.

S.C. State finished the season with an overall record of 11-22, 7-9 in MEAC play.
Steps to post Vine videos on Blogger: (insert URL in HTML setting)
In Blogger when you are in the New Post part, write a few or more lines to set up your Vine video. When you are ready to put in the embed URL (go to your Vine video and click on the three dots--... but vertical--next to the video which will show you ways to share the video. Click on embed and copy the URL that comes up.)
When you are posting in Blogger, the blank page has the words "Compose" and "HTML" at the top left of the screen. Normally it is is Compose. But to embed your Vine video, at the point in your post where you want us to see the video, switch from Compose to HTML. In HTML you'll see all the code. Paste in the embed URL. Then go back to Compose. Your video will now be seen!

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