Thursday, February 2, 2017

Standard Stand Ups

My broadcast journalism students this week are shooting stand ups for their Trump/Obama person on the street (POS) reports.

These photos show the proper positioning of the camera, videographer and reporter for effective, high quality stand ups, in which the reporter is conveying information essential to the story.

We made sure the sun on this bright day is behind the camera and shining in the face of the reporter. You try to avoid having the sun behind the reporter as it will shut down the camera's iris and darken the reporter.

Mufasa Shaw (on camera) and Mariah Reed
Csyabeaw Ford (on camera) and Brianna Sailem

Brianna Sailem (on camera) and Csyabeaw Ford 
Stand ups allow a reporter to shine, they really do!  Here are some more tips for effective, credible and creative report stand ups.

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