Monday, February 6, 2017

Studio Stand Ups!

Shayauna Bowman
For my Advanced Television Production and Editing students we shot the opening and closing parts for their Trump presidency person-on-the-street reports in our TV studio.

With our Newtek Tricaster "studio in a box" machine we are able to access an array of "virtual" sets.

You see in these photo how Isaiah Hughes is shot against the "green screen" backdrop.  Then you see how he looks amid the virtual set.

Stephen Mason is in the studio control room running the board, making the green screen magic happen. He directs the studio activity from here and records the students on-camera efforts.  That's Shay Bowman in the air monitor to the right.  

Stephen Mason
Shaliyah North 

Jalen Ryant

With the Tricaster and a little training, we can do "virtually" anything in creating professional-looking TV production videos!

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