Monday, October 6, 2014

Midterm Exam Study Guide- Electronic Media Production II

Midterm Exam Study Guide
Electronic Media Production II (BC 203)
Fall 2014
Exam Date: Monday, Oct. 13

So far in this class we have created blogs, added various posted content, and, for many of you, launched some new social media sites, adding links to them on your blogs. This exam will reinforce your knowledge about various digital media applications:  their origins, purposes and unique qualities, and their role in society, culture, communication and business today.

The written test will consist of the following elements: multiple choice questions, terms and definitions, and short answer. The written part will make up 50 percent of the test. The other 50 percent will come from a critique of your blogs, according to the sheet distributed. Please be prepared to answer the following questions that may be on the test:

Who owns Blogger and when did it begin?
What are they key concepts of this platform? Who is it for? What does it allow users to do?
Be able to list several of the Blogger “gadgets” that can be included on blogs
What is the importance of including “labels” when you do new posts?
Why is it desirable with your blog posts to have links to related materials and to, when appropriate, include reader polls and surveys?

What are the origins of Twitter? When was it launched? Who founded Twitter?
How many letters per “tweet” are allowed? Why this number?
How has the use of Twitter evolved over the years?
Be able to articulate how Twitter (and other social media) has allowed people, especially those in power and also big celebrities and athletes, to bypass traditional media to get out and control their messages

Who founded Linkedin and when?
What is the role and mission of Linkedin?
How is Linkedin looked up in the professional world?
What are some things that young people like yourselves should aspire to present on Linkedin?
Other than posting resumes, what else does Linkedin offer or can be done with it to the user’s benefit?

What is Pinterest’s unique niche in the social media spectrum?
How do users categorize their Pinterest collections? Each category is called what? (hint: a board)
How is Pinterest used in the business world?


How is Instagram different from Facebook?
When was Instagram founded and by whom? Who owns Instagram?
How and why do many people use Instagram differently from Facebook? 

Social Media Timeline, Origins and Owners
Name                     Year Launched                Owner Today
Blogger                        1999                         Google
         Twitter                         2006                         Odeo/Twitter
Linkedin                       2003                         Linkedin
Pinterest                        2010                       Pinterest
Instagram                      2010                       Facebook