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SYLLABUS- Electronic Media Production II (updated after midterms)

Fall 2014         BC 203-01
MWF 2-2:50      Turner A Room 273

INSTRUCTOR:  Patrick Harwood, SCSU Communication Program
OFFICE:  2nd Floor Turner A Room 258
PHONE:  (803) 536-8839 (office); (843) 224-3112 (cell- texting me is fine)    
OFFICE HOURS:  Available one hour before and after class, and other times upon request

Course Summary and Objectives
The goal of this course is to give students a comprehensive and hands-on approach to video and image creation, editing, correction and manipulation (in positive, ethical ways), news layout and design, and Web-based design software. Students will also learn the aesthetics and techniques of content creation, layout, web design, and image manipulation. The course will focus on the production technologies and software most commonly used by video, newspaper, magazine and web professionals. 
Among the software and programs we will work with will include: Blogger, PhotoShop, Adobe inDesign, Adobe Dreamweaver, iMovie, Final Cut Pro (express), and Windows Movie Maker.
This course can be an important step in a student's advancement towards being a mass media and communication professional. Aptitude and success in this course may very well determine your future in the communication and mass media fields. 
By the end of this course, students will be able to:
1.      Understand concepts and apply theories in the use and presentation of audio, video, still images and information
2.      Demonstrate an understanding of professional ethical principles and work ethically in pursuit of truth, accuracy, fairness and diversity
3.      Think critically, creatively and independently
4.      Demonstrate professional proficiency and creativity
5.      Write correctly and clearly in forms and styles appropriate for the communications professions, audiences and purposes they serve
6.      Critically evaluate their own work and that of others for accuracy and fairness, clarity and appropriate style and grammatical correctness

Method of Instruction
            I use the teacher computer and overhead system to show PowerPoint presentations, articles, videos and other material. We will use the computers in the lab quite a bit also for hands-on exposure and exercises.
            I hope the class will have a lot of interaction. Please always feel free to bring up issues, questions, and things in the news and elsewhere that we can discuss.

Required Tools
  • Smart phone for shooting quality still images and video
  • Computer to upload and edit still shots and video clips, and to create and update blogs, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts, and other social media platforms 
Grading Criteria:  Your work will be given letter grades based on accuracy, enterprise and newsgathering skills shown, writing, scripting, production quality, delivery, meeting deadlines, and overall quality.  A check/check plus/check minus system is used for class-to-class homework and in-class work. No work is accepted by email.

Exams:  There will be a midterm exam and a final exam. 

Deadlines:  A crucial part of the media business is being able to work quickly, efficiently and accurately in order to meet deadlines.  Letter grade assignments turned in late cost one letter grade for each class session late.  Regular homework assignments turned in late will receive an automatic check minus and won’t be accepted after one class period late.  

Attendance Policy:  Roll will be taken at the start of each class, via a sign in sheet. Make sure you sign this before, at the start of, or after class. To receive an excused absence you must give me a written note with the reason for your absence, and the date of your absence.    

Final Grade Determination:
            Midterm and Final Exams                                                      40 percent
            Letter Grade Assignments                                                      40 percent                  
Homework and in-class assignments                                      20 percent

Test Grading Scale and Plus/Minus Grading System:
A  94-100; A- 90-93; B+  87-89; B  83-86; B- 80-82; C+  77-79; C  73-76; C-  70-72; D+ 65-69; D  60-64; F  59 and under

A = 4.00
B = 3.00
C = 2.00
D = 1.00
A- = 3.67
B- = 2.67
C- = 1.67
F = 0.00
B+ = 3.33
C+ = 2.33
D+ = 1.33

October 13 (Week 9)
  • Monday- Midterm Exam 
  • Wednesday and Friday: PhotoShop and other image capture, improvement and storage programs (review and discuss related material added to Pinterest board)
  • Next blog post: Due a blog post in which you show one or more before and after photos that you took. Show original photo(s), then next to or below the original show your improved processed photo. In the caption or writing below or after, describe what you did to make the photo better and include the program you used (have a link to the program too) 
October 20 (Week 10)           
  • Photo processing with Photoshop, Snapseed, Photo Director and other software programs
  • Photo manipulation ethical violations 
  • Due Wednesday, Oct. 22: Prepare a blog post showing one or more before and after photos that you processed. Be ready to show your post and photos, and explain which program you used (and why) and what you did to the "after" photograph to enhance or improve it, or just be creative with the processing 
  • Creating slideshows and sharing them on your blogs and other social media platforms
  • Slideshow programs include Photosnack, Kizoa, Photobucket, Picasa, and others
October 27 (Week 11)
  • Monday: Class activity: Bulldog Challenge! Teams scour the campus for all the SCSU Bulldog statues and other images you can find and photograph. The activity ties in with Homecoming theme, which is "Bulldog Pride: Simply Irresistible." 
  • Homework: Prepare a Kizoa slideshow with your Bulldog photos. Put some music to it. Note that Kizoa provides several music options. If you bring in other music you may nto be able to share your slideshow unless you pay. So be aware what is free and what isn't with this program. Slideshow is due  Friday, Oct. 31
  • Wednesday: Work on Kizoa slideshow during class. 
  • Friday: Bulldog Challenge slideshow are due- we will watch them during class. Make a blog post that incorporates your slideshow. In your writing, tie in SCSU's Homecoming, which has activities Oct. 25-Nov. 2
  • Prezi presentations
November 3 (Week 12)
  • Monday: Nov. 3: No class- use time to complete your slideshow if not finished
  • Vine video sharing site
  • How Vine can be used in the business world 
  • Students will create their own Vine videos
  • Wednesday, Nov. 5: Bulldog Slideshow due today- will view in class
  • Wednesday and Friday: Discuss Vine as a social media app and marketing/promotions tool
  • Students set up their own Vine accounts (if you don't already have one)
November 10 (Week 13)
  • Vine project: James Brown exhibit at the I.P. Stanback Museum
  • Start your Vine account at
  • Wednesday- meet in lobbby at the Stanback Museum for tour of exhibit
  • Produce two Vine videos: the first shows clips of the exhibit; the second consists of one word comments from your classmates (and others) who have seen the exhibit. Each is answering the question: "In one word, what do you think about the James Brown exhibit?"  
  • Create a blog post with your two vidoes. Have on your blog by Monday, Nov. 17- Along with the videos, have writing that details the exhibit. 
November 17 (Week 14)
  • Monday: 
    • James Brown Exhibit Vine posts are due today
    • Share details of final project due on the exam date, Wednesday, Dec. 3, at noon: James Brown Exhibit Music Video- distribute and go over handout (also posted on website)
  • Basic video editing programs: iMovie and Movie Maker 
  • Shooting own video and creating content from it
  • Advanced video editing with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Putting it all together- work on final blog components and presentations 
  • Friday, Nov. 21- back to the museum for a tour of the James Brown exhibit; this is also an opportunity to shoot video for your final project
November 24 (Week 15)
  • No classes this week- Happy Thanksgiving! 
December 1 (Week 16)
  • Monday is last class- updates on James Brown music video due Wednesday, noon 
  • Tuesday is reading day
FINAL EXAMS: Our exam time is Wednesday, Dec. 3 at noon- come to class with your James Brown music video completed and posted on your blog. Follow all guidelines in the handout and posted on this website on Nov. 17
  • Friday, December 12- Final grades due
  • Saturday, Dec. 13: Commencement Convocation 

September 8 (Week 4)           
  • Course introduction- syllabus, class and lab policies and procedures
  • Let's Blog! Starting Blogger sites
  • Homework for Monday, Sept. 15: 
    • Finish setting up your blogs- be sure to have your photo and description on one side (use Add Image gadget; have Follow by Email gadget; and links to your social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 
    • Write first blog post (and post it)- topic choices are below. Post should be 200-300 words and should include at least two links and one image/photo. Keep paragraphs short and watch your spelling and grammar. 
      • What I like most and least about television today
      • Comment about some who say, such as in this article, that TV programming is becoming higher quality (generally) and people are praising it more
      • Comment about this article that asks if "selfies" are a sign that people are too self-absorbed/self-centered? This article should also be read and commented on also.
September 15 (Week 5)
  • Linkedin and Twitter- let's start accounts with these next!
  • Homework for Monday, Sept. 22: Write a blog post based on the questions raised in the Sept. 22, 2014 Time magazine cover story, "Never Offline" about the new Apple Watch. A copy of the article will be available in this lab this week for you to read (please do not remove from this room) and Time is available at the college library and other local libraries. Address these issues:
    • Is the Apple Watch and all that it can allow you to do and monitor something you can see yourself getting? Why or why not? 
    • What do the writers say are the benefits/plusses of this new "wearable tech" 
    • And what do they see as potential negatives? 
    • Sum up your feelings about having such a device as this or similar ones become part of our lives in the years and decades ahead
    • Include a few images of the watches in your post and at least two links to related articles 
September 22 (Week 6)
  • Monday: Apple Watch blog posts due
  • Update on what your blogs should have 
  • Pinterest- you won't be bored creating your personalized Pinterest boards!
  • Homework for Wednesday, Sept. 24:
    • Set up your Pinterest account and start a board for this class, with material that's pertinent to this class (such as the syllabus and the various articles and videos we view)
    • Start a separate board that will contain pins of material that interests you, such as a hobby or hobbies you may have, or that could be used for your other classes
  • Friday, Sept. 26: Meet outside student center to conduct interviews and take video/photographs for your blog post due Monday, Sept. 29: "My favorite thing about the fall season" (or a topic of your choosing that would have broad/general interest. Have your camera/smart phone and be ready to write down and record names and quotes 
    • Videotape short interviews with at least five different people
    • You can create still shots of people from the video interviews
    • For blog post, have at least five photos and comments from at least five different people
    • Begin post with two-to-four sentences to set up topic
    • Post a photo of each student/person interviewed with his/her comments. 
    • Include each student's name, year, major and hometown 
September 29 (Week 7)
  • Monday: "My Favorite Things About Fall Is..." blog post due today (changed to Wednesday)
  • Wednesday/Friday: Video editing (demonstrate editing student interviews with Windows Movie Maker)- 
  • Video interviews segment is due Monday, Oct. 6
October 6 (Week 8)
  • Monday: Student interviews video due today
  • Midterm exam preview and review
  • Instagram- what is its niche in the growing busy social media market? 
  • Friday- During class we will go downstairs and shoot video of a conference- you will see basic video camera operations and tactics to shoot such an event 

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